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Interview for the spanish rock magazine „Rock Estatal“


Blindfall - Alternative Rock & Metal delicacies

blindfall composes since 2005 in search of musical union and charismatic live energy – now the lifeblood rockers come back with new material, powerful alternative rock sounds together with the distinctive voice of their frontgirl Inga, who knows how to combine silent melancoly with pure energy in a very special and unique way. The quartet does not disappoint.


After almost 15 years of band history – with unwanted breaks due to professional changes of the founding members (Inga & Chema) moving back to the singers roots in southwest Germany and also pratically start form cero with two new members – the band assures having never lost their essence:


What we never lost is the intense energy in our concerts and the joy of playing in different places knowing great people who share this energy with us.

About the new members Chema and Inga say:

Apart from being great musicians and creatively so inspiring, Rick and Dirk enrich us not only with deep closeness, support, trust and a concentrated load of positive energy – but first of all with a great friendship. From that, some new songs arised, that connect profound melancholy with a superpositive Energy.


This avant-garde formation in composition and driving force in live interpretation convinces now with new Material, whose first single shines through a fantastic music-video.

The band says:

Recording the video was a great experience; watching how an idea came alive through pictures, lights and colors getting to the heart of the message in a very emotional way. We wanted to transmit a certain feeling and are really excited how awesome the actress Ariana Antunovic embodied this message.

The band visualizes lively and in all facets their new material, produced by the great Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, Schandmaul, Donots...). About Fabio the band only has enthusiastic words:

Together with Fabio we could spend 8 days in Italy. He breathes music and loves to share his experiences with others and to inspire. He created the perfect ambiance to get the best out of us; honest, direct and shaped by such a great professionalism and a high claim to his work that he moved something in us, noone did before. We are so thankful to be able to learn from such a genious. We will never forget these day in the dolomites - they deeply enriched us – Fabio is an indescribable person and musician.




If it is about to categorize blindfall it can be difficult – one thing is for sure, their songs come from profound “alternative” emotions that take shape with rehearsals. But when it comes to their live shows they all agree:


We are energy, we play with the heart und give everything to make it notice. We love to play live and to show off our emotions with the music and to share it with the audience. If we pull it off, there is a magic bond. It is what defines us, our music and what we are always looking for.

If you are in search of music that moves something inside of you, than check out blindfall – a visceral quartet, that puts everything into the realization of alternative rock-metal with emotional fingerprint.

Latest single:

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